Welcome to the official Hindu Temple in Mississauga. Here you can find out about the Mandir’s history, festivals/events and youth programs. At our temple near Square One, Mississauga we also have a large collection of deities imported from India.

Mississauga Hindu Temple devotees singing bhajans at the Mandir
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The Mississauga Hindu place of worship, SVHM, opened its doors in 1996 as the first consecrated Vitthoba & Rukhumai Hindu temple in Ontario, Canada and the first outside of India. The Mandir performs all of the traditional functions of a Hindu Temple, from holy services to birth of your child, weddings, death ceremonies, and numerous big Indian events like Diwali. The non profit organization also adopts an expanded holistic approach. Visitors can partake in discussions by religious experts, participate in yoga and meditation classes, and health and business seminars.

mississauga hindu temple

We have many murtis, sculptures, and figures at our Mandir and they all represent the same single Supreme Reality – Brahman. Our devotees worship God through these murtis. Such symbols of God are necessary for most human beings who cannot worship in abstraction. We have daily devotional prayers known as “Aarti’s” that are sung with the burning of the incense and camphor lit by the fire of knowledge, the camphor evaporates and the incense burns to ashes. During our Aarti’s our devotees also strike bells which produces the auspicious sound of OM and this sound wakes us up from the sleep of ignorance and directs us to pray and follow the spiritual path. It reminds our devotees at Shri Vitthal Hindu Mandir that like sound, the world may be perceived but not possessed.

Some of our Hindu Idols are holding a Chakra, which is a wheel similar to that seen on the Indian flag. mississauga-hindu-temple-chakraThis wheel represents the wheel of time, the cycle of life, which turns at his or her will. Visitors to our Temple in Mississauga will also see a Shankha, a large seashell known as a Conch. This shell represents the origin of existence and the source of the primal sound. It also represents the sea in which life originated.

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