Services at our mandir

Some of the services that we perform at our Brampton Hindu Temple are: Hindu rituals, pooja, conduct marriages, funeral rites according to Hindu Vedic rituals, bhajans, Abhishekams (ritualistic baths to our deities) and other ceremonies as per tradition of Hindu faith, with recitations of appropriate Mantras.

Hall Rental in Mississauga – Private & Public Rentals

Are you looking for a place to celebrate a auspicious event, wedding / reception, anniversary, birthday or need a place for a memorial service? Check out our rental space today! Our kitchen and main hall were renovated in 2018. At Shri Vitthal Hindu Mandir Temple we have a full kitchen, separate men’s and women’s washrooms, guest suite, WiFi, full HVAC system, eco friendly lighting and high ceiling, and much more. Rental availability is subject to internal program activity. Please contact us for rates and availability.

Hall rental fee includes:

  • Free Parking
  • Use of Full Kitchen
  • 200 person maximum occupancy
  • 100 padded chairs + 65 metal folding chairs
    15- 5’ round tables (seat 8 each)
    4 – 6’ banquet tables (seat 6 each)

Puja Service

At our temple we offer puja and pandit services to all our devotees. Every ceremony comes only once. You expect it to be special. We help you make it memorable!


From meditation, yoga, to ancient dance classes Shri Vitthal Hindu Mandir has it all! Get involved and/or get your kids involved and participate with others in the community.


Service Hours

The Toronto Temple (Mandir) is normally open in the morning for prayer and contemplation between 8:00 am and 11:00 am and in the evening between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm. These are mandatory opening times. Offerings to the Hindu Deities are made on special occasions.

There are however no limits to opening hours and the Hindu Mandir will remain open for as long as necessary when celebrating functions, religious festivals and special events – for example, Pooja, Havan and Bhajans.

Serve your community

Become a volunteer! Volunteering is available to people of all ages, diverse religious and ethnic groups. Individuals with varied ability levels and economic resources can provide useful services to our Hindu mandir. You can be a productive team member, meet other people who share your convictions, build new skill set, enhance your resume, and have fun!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of many non-profits, and Shri Vitthal Toronto Hindu mandir relies heavily on the goodwill of their volunteers to helps serve our mission to involve, educate, and unite people of all faiths in the Greater Toronto Area.

What motivates or Volunteers?

if you ask 100 people, you will probably get 100 different answers. Here are some we hear most often:

  • Personal satisfaction from meaningful work which contributes directly to my community;
  • Putting beliefs into action;
  • Educational and interesting work experience;
    Enhances my resume.

Guiding Principles for Volunteers

Only after reading and understanding these principles & guidelines a volunteer should register/sign up for volunteering. 

  • SVHM expects & recommends that volunteers be loyal and dedicated to God & Temple.
  • SVHM expects & recommends that volunteers be responsible for his/her own safety and of all others.
  • SVHM expects & recommends that volunteers be courteous to every person in the temple.
  • SVHM expects & recommends that volunteers be sincere & follows his/her assigned duties in the temple and notifies if he/she could not attend to his/her duties.
  • SVHM expects & recommends that volunteers be flexible & understanding for any possible changes to be made in their schedule due to necessity and unanticipated requirements.
  • SVHM expects & recommends that volunteers be aware that there may be age, gender & experience requirements in some areas of volunteers work.
    Volunteers may be required to work under the guidance of lead volunteers.
  • SVHM reserves the right to deny the service of any volunteers service if it feels necessary to do so due to any unforeseen circumstances.
  • SVHM expects volunteers to follow all the general, ethical, cultural & religious guidelines followed in the temple.
  • SVHM is not responsible for any accidental or any other injury, disability or loss of belongings in the temple.

High Profile Roles

We are looking to fill the following volunteer roles:
Director of Resource Development – Lead fundraising initiatives.
Community Manager – Manage our online website and social media channels.

Volunteer Qualifications

Good judgment;
Willingness to follow instructions and work cooperatively as a team member;;
Ability to perform and follow through on unsupervised duties on an individual basis.

We are looking to fill the following volunteer roles:
Director of Resource Development – Lead fundraising initiatives.
Community Manager – Manage our online website and social media channels.

Helping the people of the Greater Toronto Area come together, grow in faith, and to celebrate what makes Canada great - our diversity.