Shri Vitthal Hindu Mandir

Our Mission is to preserve our religion, culture, heritage and self respect in the Western world. Established in 1994 as a religious non profit charitable organization to serve the regional cultural needs of Devotees which were not present at other institutions.First Temple outside of India to install Vitthal and Rukmini Idols.

Our organization is operated by volunteers, our core belief is that faith is not for sale. Programs conducted by Shri Vitthal are always free of cost, donations are appreciated.

Participation is one of the key values we employ at Shri Vittal Hindu Mandir. Have an idea for a program or cultural event? Want to take a lead in an existing Program or Event? Contact us to get started.

Open Daily: 7AM -10PM

“बोलावा विठ्ठल पहावा विठ्ठल । करावा विठ्ठल जीवभाव ॥१॥ येणें सोसें मन जालें हांवभरे । परती माघारें घेत नाहीं ॥२॥ बंधनापासुनि उकलल्या गांठी । देतां आली मिठी सावकाश ॥३॥ तुका म्हणे देह भरिला विठ्ठलें । कामक्रोधें केलें घर रीतें ॥४

Devotion Never End's

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